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Packaging Design

With the brand's growth came an expansion of Rockstar Energy Drink's flavor profiles. Working with creativity and die lines, I designed labels for the new cans and their accompanying packaging.


As the company continued to expand, I was appointed as the lead designer for the international markets. In this role, I was responsible for providing Spanish translations for packaging and sales materials in the Hispanic markets.

Brand Activation

One of the most exciting aspects of my role was the opportunity to apply the Rockstar Energy Drink brand beyond the beverage industry. From the X-Games to the Olympics, and numerous music festivals in between, it is truly gratifying to see the art I created being showcased on a large scale with a significant number of impressions.

Rockstar Energy Drink

Designer, Branding & Packaging

During my 6+ years at Rockstar Energy Drink, I held a multifaceted position that placed a strong emphasis on branding, product packaging, advertising, sales, and developing marketing collateral. I provided visual support, design, and photography services for company-sponsored athletes, musicians, and events. 


In addition, I oversaw the management of digital assets, website content, UX/UI, and social media accounts, ensuring that these elements aligned with the brand's overall strategy and objectives.

Brand Development

Being a part of the company in the early stages meant contributing to the brand development. This also meant understanding the importance of establishing strong brand recognition amongst competitors on the shelves as well as on the racetrack.


To achieve this, my design team collaborated to ensure that the black, red, and gold logo was prominent, vibrant, and instantly identifiable. Once we had defined the brand's look and feel, I was able to showcase it across a range of applications.


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