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Nuclear Energy Institute

Senior Manager, Creative Strategy

As the Senior Manager of Creative Strategy, I served as the brand visionary and art director for the Creative Studio, managed creative content for media, and produced designs for conferences and events. In this multifaceted role, I successfully refreshed the brand and enhanced the company's visual presence, driving efficiency and revenue, while fostering cross-functional collaboration across the teams.


In 2022, I was honored with an NEI Service Award, recognizing my exceptional contributions to the company. Additionally, I was an active member on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) task force, U.S. Women in Nuclear DEI task force, and the Sustainability Team, highlighting my commitment to creating positive change within and beyond the organization.


In order to align the company's visual aesthetic with its mission and vision, I led a comprehensive branding refresh that encompassed everything from evolving the logo and color palette, to building out a complete suite of printed and digital assets, including stationary, signage, presentation decks, and variety of templates.


To ensure visual consistency, I established a Brand Standards Guideline with the new brand parameters. By leading the charge on this significant initiative, I helped the company stay relevant and modern in a rapidly evolving industry.


To drive user engagement with NEI's media and content, I implemented a new system that fosters close collaboration between the Creative Studio and the Content team, resulting in visually stunning assets that effectively convey the company's messaging and increase user engagement.
To expand our social media footprint, I helped launched NEI's Instagram account and oversaw significant growth in interactions on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.
Through weekly brainstorming sessions, rigorous analytics tracking, and the testing of innovative multimedia approaches, my team and I were able to achieve tangible results, all while strengthening the company's online presence.

Event Design

As the Lead Designer for Conferences, I collaborated with program managers to create effective marketing materials and engaging visuals that increased attendance and enhanced the event experience.


With the goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing production costs, I produced adaptable design templates that provided an innovative and eco-friendly solution. To increase audience reach, I helped lead the development of the NEI Virtual Event brand to build interactive virtual platforms for conferences, hybrid events, and host online training programs.


By skillfully building cohesive visuals that reflected NEI's mission and messaging, the events hosted were successful, impactful, and memorable.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Task Force

As a founding member of the volunteer-based DEI task force, I was committed to implementing better company practices that supported the DEI mission. Specifically, I led the initiative to establish DEI guidelines for industry conferences and events. These guidelines included a range of improvements such as providing ASL and closed captions for the hearing impaired, booking inclusive venues with accessible features, and updating registration forms to be more accommodating to attending guests.


In addition to my work on the DEI task force, I also participated as a member of the U.S. Women in Nuclear (WIN) DEI task force and the Sustainability Team, where I contributed my expertise and passion for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and advancing environmental sustainability.


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