Lizzy Layne is a mixed media artist whose vast skill set includes painting, graphic design, printmaking, illustration and mural art. Her melding of techniques and materials consistently spawn a visual experience that is whimsical, creative and unique. 

Born in Detroit, Lizzy grew up always knowing she wanted to be an artist. She pursued those dreams at the University of Arizona, where she earned her degree in Studio Arts. Ever since, Lizzy has been working as an artist from coast to coast, immersing herself in the local art scene and creatively engaging with the surrounding community wherever she goes.


In her professional portfolio, Lizzy is a Creative Director who has established branding for major companies, created apparel and textile designs within the fashion world and is consistently collaborating with the music industry to produce illustrated concert posters and merchandising. Additionally, she enjoys creating mural art and live painting and at music festivals and various events nationwide.

Lizzy hopes that by sharing her creative visions, she can bring a bit of inspiration, laughter and positivity to the world.


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